Introducing The Musher – As used by long-drive champion Joe Miller - The British Golf Show

Introducing The Musher – As used by long-drive champion Joe Miller

July • 2021

The Musher is an innovative exercising accessory that can be used at home or at the gym. The Musher enables individuals to improve core muscle strength whether you are a gym regular or you do occasional workouts at home – The Musher is suited to all fitness levels.

The rotational motion that the device uses to engage the core muscles replicates the movements which are similar to those of sporting and everyday activities.

Benefits For Golfers

The rotation of the body in the golf swing is probably one requiring the most precision of all club/racquet/bat wielding sports. The golf swing requires the arms and shoulders to be in a relaxed state such that the body rotation principally swings the arms and club on a precise plane and a precise swing path.

The core body muscles are absolutely key to this movement being delivered with consistent accuracy. The Musher isolates the core muscles in a way will help better discipline and strengthen core muscles for the rotational, turning body motion of the golf swing.

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