The Swing Plate with angle reading

July • 2021

The Swing Plate with angle reading

An invaluable tool for every level of golfer.

Developed by a PGA Professional to help you with your game. The Swing Plate is an English product being sold all over the world. Hold and adjust the angle of your alignment stick on any surface. The Swing Plate, with its quality construction, allows for consistent and precise practice. Suitable for both RH and LH golfers.

The Swing Plate fits what is widely regarded as your most useful training aid ever, your own alignment sticks. The Swing Plate fits in your golf bag and is a ‘must have’ training aid for any golfer looking to improve.

The Swing Plate has multiple uses for the most common areas of the game all golfers work to improve upon during their practice sessions:

  • Swing Plane
  • Weight Transfer
  • Backswing Sway
  • Unwanted Head Movement
  • Body Rotation

The Swing Plate Base Unit can also be purchased with Swing Plate Alignment Sticks and The Swing Plate Extension Pole.

Get your Swing Plate today by clicking the button below, or call our sales team on 01483 266 679.

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